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There is lots of free material (including videos) on this site that can help your organisation overcome the battle of email communication, information management and utilising organisational knowledge.

Since 1998 Professor Jackson has been researching email communication and has published a large number of papers on its impact and how to overcome email overload <read papers>. I conducted research for a number of organisations e.g. ASA, Citi, Rolls-Royce, AstraZeneca, SAP, Microsoft, DSTL.

Other areas of research include, Knowledge Management, Information Overload and Information and Emotion - <read more> about the projects

HOW MUCH DOES EMAIL COST? - Email Calculator

I've created email cost calculator which shows you how much email costs <Email Costs Calculator>. Or you can download the interactive spreadsheet <download> which will help you make a case for tackling email communication within your organisation. It is based on over 15 years of research into email.

Email Costs Calculator - Prof Jackson


Our new email app is nearly ready - here is a screenshot (more info)

REMS - Email App



In 2009 I combined the email research we had  undertaken and added some exciting new material to create the E-mail Optimisation Toolkit Book. The one stop guide to overcoming the problems of email communication within the workplace.

The Email Optimisation Toolkit - Dr Thomas Jackson

The E-Mail Optimisation Toolkit Book <buy>

Read the review of the book <read>


Discover more about information overload <more>



Email and Organisational Effectiveness
For this Executive Update, Prof. Thomas Jackson shares his research on email communication and its impact on organisational effectiveness. Based on his research, he presents suggestions for email improvements that may increase organisational productivity..(more)

A Simple Step to Increasing Ecommerce Confidence
The revolution of the Internet has had a great impact on the way that business is done, people communicate and information is shared. Today it is possible to order just about any product over the information superhighway, but the fear over security reduces the Internet’s potential...(more)

The Importance of IS Metric Evaluation in Industry
The evaluation of information systems (IS) has attracted an amount of concern among practitioners [1]. This interest has resulted in an increasing belief that the current approach to IS management has to change....(more)

Changing the Future of Business IT
We are all too aware that Information Systems (IS) are taking too long to develop, costing too much to produce and maintain and are frequently not perceived to be delivering the business benefits which were intended. So the multi-million dollar question is how do organisations change the future of their IT development to overcome these problems?....(more)

The Evolution of Knowledge Management and the Businesses Implications
Knowledge Management (KM) is currently a buzz-phrase that it starting to occur more frequently in many publications and conversations, yet it’s a phrase that has been around for years. In the years leading up to 2002, KM has been going through phases of maturity....(more)