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Email Knowledge Extraction

Email Knowledge Extraction - Dr Thomas JacksonIts a world leading email knowledge extraction system that currently has the best f-measure output in the world. The software has gained interest from many organisations, for example, Citi Bank, Welsh Assembly, The National Archives. We are continuing to develop the research with the ASA and The National Archives and software to perform an extended range of tasks, for example, automatic email classification that can be used on email archives at The National Archives. The research has also led to a number of academic publications and keynote talks at the Records Management Society Conference and the Public Sector Forum Conference.

How it Works?

1. When you send an email EKE will parse your email for keyphrases it thinks might represent your knowledge - a lot of natural language processing required!

2. The email sender will then be asked to rank if the keyphrase - either n/a, expert, basic knowledge or working knowledge

3. The keyphrases are then stored in a central database that can be searched by employees

4. The database can then be used to find out who knows what within the organisation.

Dr Thomas Jackson - Email Knowledge Extraction Video

To find out more about the application take a look at this paper - Expertise Profiling: Is Email Used to Generate, Organise, Share or Leverage Knowledge .

To hear more about "The Challenges of Email Management and Research into a Solution" watch a seminar given at the CimTech Conference 2010 by Dr Thomas Jackson. Three years on I wonder if they are still the challenges - what do you think?. Jackson

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