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Research carried out since 1998 by Dr Jackson has examined some of the tangible costs of using email in the workplace and has focused on improving the effectiveness of employees using email systems. There have been several key findings and they are contained within the key selected papers on this page.

Did you know?

Since 1998 we have done lots of research, but in summary here are the main findings:

Majority of employees react to emails within 6 seconds of them arriving (70%)

There is a 64 second email recovery time. So it takes 64 seconds to get back into the work you were doing before the email interruption

The way the majority of employees deal with email causes email /task overload

Most employees have their email application set-up to check for new email every 5 minutes. This means if an employee has an email every 5 minutes they only have 2 window before the next interruption.

The effect of seminar email training only lasts for a month - employees revert back to their old habits

How to Optimise Email Communication?

This Email Optimisation video will provide a guide to how to optimise your email. It is based on over 14 years of research.


Key Papers 

To back up these findings have a look at these papers


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