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Implementation and Management of Information Systems within SMEs

The time taken to build property is coming down dramatically from 17 weeks to less than 2 weeks for a modern house and there is a need to provide thermal, sound-proof, fire resistant and now secure doors in a modular form all conforming to the Construction Products Directorate that comes into force in 2007. Importantly, these Directives require component traceability and sourcing of raw material from sustainable sources.

To achieve this in the timescales required and to grow their market share, considerable work has to be done to ensure business processes and provision of management information cater for these demands and that manufacturing can produce the increased volumes at the required quality levels.Dr Jackson's Research - Applied Knowledge Management

With the realignment and streamlining of business processes and the selection and implementation of Management Information systems where appropriate, this project will address problems of a lack of management information to provide suitable reporting to control business flow and traceability from quotation to delivery.

The project will provide the opportunity to:
• Improve purchasing efficiency leading to reduced purchasing costs and lower stock levels
• Improve component and raw material stock traceability to meet market and legislative demands.
• Improve sub contract order management leading to reduced lead times
• Improve works order management & scheduling reducing overall lead time to delivery.
• Improved availability of product cost information to enable greater flexibility in product pricing

With the introduction of appropriate MIS solutions, this will build a firm base for continued growth in the new product areas and the fulfilment of orders for existing clients in timescales that are expected.