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In the era of Google Scholar you can find most of my publications there and here's the link to Thomas Jackson's Google Scholar page

You can also download the majority of the papers below from the Loughborough University Repository <click here to see my papers>

If you want a full list of my latest publications (from 2010 onwards) please click <here>

Below are publications put into themes.

Email Related Research Papers

2010 - Email Related Stress: The Physiological Impact of Email Stress on Employee Effectiveness

2010 - Developing an Email Stress Measuring Methodology to Determine the Impact Email has on Employee Effectiveness

2009 - BOOK - The complete practical guide to effective and efficient email management, including an email optimisation toolkit

2009 - Mining Email to Leverage Knowledge Networks in Organizations (eckm)

2009 - Assessing the value of an e-mail knowledge extraction system

2008 - Socio-ethical issues for expertise location from electronic mail

2007 - Optimising the Email Knowledge Extraction System to Support Knowledge Work

2007 - Case Study: Overcoming the Headache of the E-Mail Inbox Through Training

2006 - Can Seminar and Computer-Based Training Improve the Effectiveness of Electronic Mail Communication Within the Workplace?

2006 - Expertise Profiling: Is Email Used to Generate, Organise, Share or Leverage Knowledge

2006 - A Simple Approach to Improving Email Communication (to download the CACM version please click here)

2006 - Developing an Email Interception and Interpretation Information System to Reduce Employee Interruptions

2006 - Locating Knowledge Sources Through Keyphrase Extraction

2006 - Building a Tool for Expertise Discovery

2005 - Optimising the Email Communication Environment 

2005 - Email Training Significantly Reduces Email Defects

2004 - The Effectiveness of Training in Reducing Email Defects

2004 - Capturing and Managing Electronic Knowledge: The Development of the Email Knowledge Extraction

2004 - Capturing and Managing Email Knowledge

2004 - Instant Messaging Implications in the Transition from a Private Consumer Activity to a Communication Tool for Business

2004 - Email Overload: Tolerance Levels of Employees within the Workplace

2003 - Understanding Email Interaction Increases Organizational Productivity (to download the CACM version please click here)

2003 - Reducing the Effect of Email Interruptions on Employees

2003 - Breaking Bad Habits: The Negative Effect of Email and Instant Messaging on the Workplace 

2003 - Case Study: Measuring Electronic Communication Defects and their Impact at 3M

2002 - Evaluating the Effect of Email Interruptions within the Workplace 

2001 - The Ethics of Electronic Monitoring within the Workplace 

2001 - Case Study: Evaluating the Use of an Electronic Messaging System in Business 

2001 - The Cost of Email Interruption

2000 - Downsizing Electronic Mail Can Optimise Company Communications 

2000 - The Cost of E-Mail within Organisations

2000 - E-Communication Analysis: The Cost of an Internal Email Messaging System within Organisations 

1999 - Improving the Communication Process: The Costs and Effectiveness of Email Compared with Traditional Media 


Applied Knowledge Management Papers

2010 - Evaluating a Living Model of Knowledge

2010 - Barriers to Knowledge Management in Small Low Tech Enterprises

2010 - Mobile access to information systems in law enforcement: an evaluation of its implications for data quality

2009 - The Impact of Mobile Technology on a UK Police Force and Their Knowledge Sharing

2009 - Using Autopoiesis to Redefine Data, Information and Knowledge

2009 - BOOK: Autopoiesis as the foundation for Knowledge Management

2009 - Evaluating a Living Model of Knowledge (eckm)

2007 - An Autopoietic Framework for Organisational Learning

2007- Knowledge Management in the Living Organisation

2007 - Applying Autopoiesis to Knowledge Management in Organisations

2007 - Developing an autopoietic model of Organisational Learning

2007 - Information Seeking and Sharing Behaviour of a UK Police Force

2007 - Concept Clouds: Improving Information Retrieval

2007 - Time for Reflection: Going Back to Autopoiesis to Understand

2007 - Assessing the Knowledge Sharing Environment Within a Multi-National Pharmaceutical Company

2006 - Building a Scientific Foundation for Organisational Learning Within the KM Paradigm

2006 - Pharmaceutical Learning and Collaborative Networks - A Qualitative Case Study

2005 - The Applicability of Knowledge Management as an Aid to Pharmaceutical Innovation

2005 - Case Study: Facilitating Knowledge-Based Working at Danwood

2005 - Deploying Knowledge Management and Securing Future Sponsorship within A Highly Hierarchical 'Role-Based' Organisational Culture

2005 - A Study of the Community of Practice and its applicability to Organisational Knowledge 

2005 - Getting the best from the Intranet - A Case Study

2005 - Conceptualising User Strategies within Collaborative Learning

2004 - Pilot System for Locating and Sharing Knowledge

2004 - Capturing and Managing Electronic Knowledge: The Development of the Email Knowledge Extraction

2004 - Introduction of Goal-Oriented Knowledge Management (GOKM)

2003 - Accelerated Knowledge Management (AKM): Developing Rapid KM Methodology for an Adaptive Service-Oriented Business Model 

2003 - Revitalising your Systems through Cross-System Analysis


2010 - Health Data Standards and Barriers to the Widespread Adoption of Health Information Technology

2009 - Allocating Railway Platforms Using a Genetic Algorithm

2009 - An evaluation framework for the selection of a mobile policing information solution

2007 - Wearable M-Health Systems

2007 - Challenges in Current Health Information Systems

2003 - What are the Fundamental Differences Between Software Configuration Management and Engineering Configuration Management?

2003 -The Impact of Microsoft .NET on Software Quality

2002 - An Investigation into the Current State of Information Security in the United Kingdom

1999 - The Need for Computer Scientists to Receive Training on People Skills