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70% of emails are attended to within 6 seconds of their arrival

The majority of email users suffer from email task overload which effects their productivity. There's a simple solution

Estimated 96 billion email messages are being sent everyday!

There is an estimated 1.2 billion email inboxes worldwide.

  Press Releases  
Role of email in the distraction society - article by Damon Young <more>

Dr Jackson on New York Radio on email overload <listen> or read the article <more>

"Death by Email" - Records Management Society Conference 2009 <more>

The Oprah Magazine - "Email Tasks" Dec 08 <more>

Dr Jackson on Leicester Sound "Emails Taking Over Your Life?" interview - Mon 6th Oct <more>

View Magazine - "Email essential office tool or costly communication?" <more>

Birmingham Post - "New ways for malicious software to land on your computer" <more>

Guardian article - "Breaking the email compulsion"  <more>

The Sydney Morning Herald article - "Email becomes a dangerous distraction" <more>

Dr Jackson on BBC Radio Essex "You Have Email" interview - Sat 12th April

Dr Jackson on BBC Breakfast - "How to stop e-mails taking over your day" <watch>

Dr Jackson appears in The Money Programme's "Email is Ruining My Life" BBC2 7th March 2008 at 19:00 <more>

E-mail is ruining my life! Article feature Tom Jackson <read>

What you had to say about email problems <read the debate>

Guardian article - "Email 'a broken business tool' as staff spend hours wading through inboxes" <read>

Staff email use is costing UK businesses millions of pounds finds Loughborough University research <more>

Dr Jackson explains how to Find Experts via email <more>




Top 5 Downloads

Understanding Email Interaction Increases Organizational Productivity (to download the CACM version please click here)

Evaluating the Effect of Email Interruptions within the Workplace

Case Study: Evaluating the Use of an Electronic Messaging System in Business 

Reducing the Effect of Email Interruptions on Employees

The Effectiveness of Training in Reducing Email Defects

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