Osborne, M., Moran, S., McCreadie, R., Von Lunen, A., Sykora, M.D., Cano, E., Ireson, N., Macdonald, C., Ounis, I., He, Y. and Jackson, T.
In Proc. ACL.
Publication year: 2014


We introduce ReDites, a system for realtime event detection, tracking, monitoring and visualisation. It is designed to assist Information Analysts in understanding and exploring complex events as they unfold in the world. Events are automatically detected from the Twitter stream. Then those that are categorised as being security-relevant are tracked, geolocated, summarised and visualised for the end-user. Furthermore, the system tracks changes in emotions over events, signalling possible flashpoints or abatement. We demonstrate the capabilities of ReDites using an extended use case from the September 2013 Westgate shooting incident. Through an evaluation of system latencies, we also show that enriched events are made available for users to explore within seconds of that event occurring.