Successful Grants

Getting your research funded is a critical part of being an academic. Over the years I’ve had funding from a number of sources which has enabled me to build a team and the research capacity required to have the critical mass to ensure we positively impact society and commercial organisations. Listed below are the successful funding applications.

  • TBD€173,125

    Co-I on NESTORE

    Novel Empowering Solutions and Technologies for Older people to Retain Everyday life activities

  • 2018£110,408


    On expression of acute stress on social-media streams in urban  environments (smart cities) – official project name is “Integrating social media, geospatial information, and sentiment analysis for the analysis of emotional stress in urban environments”.

  • 2016£20,904

    Co-I on CESA

    DHCSTC / DSTL funded project (state of the art review of impact of sarcasm, irony and humour on sentiment analysis).

  • TBD€12m

    Toxi-Triage – EU H2020

    €12m –(£8.8m)(£375k to CIM)

  • TBD13m

    EPSRC - Doctoral Training Centre – Embedded Intelligence (in collaboration with Design School, Wolfson, AAE, Electrical)

  • 2013380K

    EPSRC – ReDites


  • 20131m

    EPSRC - Robust Lifecycle Design and Health Monitoring for Fuel-Cell Extended Performance (RESILIENCE).


  • 20132.4m

    Adaptive Informatics for Intelligent Manufacturing (AI2M)


  • 201256,419

    Developing the information management capabilities to handle data, information and knowledge efficiently, effectively and securely among government agencies

    Knowledge Transfer Award-CI

  • 201244, 836

    Graphical Modelling of Predicting Demand and Participation of Swimmers

    Knowledge Transfer Award-PI

  • 201288.5K

    EMOTIVE - Extracting the Meaning Of Terse Information in a geo-Visualisation of Emotion


  • 201117.2K

    Demand Profiling and Prediction for UK Swimming

    ESPRC (LU Funding)-PI

  • 201160K

    Developing and implementing and information and knowledge strategy including systems

    Amateur Swimming Association-PI

  • 201125.5K

    The National Archives – Email Classification and Categorisation

    The National Archives-PI

  • 201026K

    NPIA - user engagement and qualitative evaluation of benefits obtained

    National Police Improvement Agency-CI

  • 20118.5K

    Optimising efficiency in the information environment of the Leicestershire Constabulary

    Leicestershire Constabulary-PI

  • 201035K

    Optimising efficiencies in the information environment of the Leicestershire Constabulary through the use of handheld mobile technologies’


  • 2010117K

    Develop and embed knowledge for the effective management and use of information, using tools to assess objectives, policies, procedures to measure the impact of IM

    TSB KTP – Leicestershire County Council-CI

  • 200931K

    Development of an internal Communications System for the Congregation of the Sisters of Nazareth Charitable Trust

    Sisters of Nazareth, Worldwide-CI

  • 200927K

    Evaluation of IM Impact at LCC

    Leicestershire County Council-PI

  • 200997K

    ERP System Implementation in UK Joinery SMEs

    JCK and EPSRC (EngD)-PI

  • 20082K

    Email Communication Analysis


  • 2008167K

    Transport: Automatic train timetabling – developed an automatic train timetabling system

    TSB KTP and EPSRC – RWA RAIL, L’boro-CI

  • 200870K

    Information Management and Business Technology


  • 200643K

    The Cost Effectiveness and Efficiency of Info. Systems


  • 20055K

    The Cost Effectiveness of an Email Optimising Training Programme

    Professional Development, L’boro-PI

  • 200599K

    Managing Manufacturing Information

    TSB KTP – JCK Leicester-PI

  • 200515K

    Email Knowledge Extraction

    Eureka Software Moments, USA-PI

  • 200411K

    ``Real-time`` email training application


  • 200411K

    Integrated Knowledge Workspace


  • 200411K

    Electronic Message Classification and Notification App


  • 200411K

    Capture & Manage E- Knowledge


  • 200311K

    Researcher into AI Web Searching


  • 20031K

    Travel Grant to attend IRMA conference in Philadelphia

    Royal Society-PI

  • 2003169K

    The Analysis and Development of Vehicle Testing Software using Data Mining Techniques

    TSB – Teaching Company Scheme-PI

  • 200338K

    The Cost Effectiveness and Efficiency of Information Systems


  • 200269K

    Development of an Electronic Information Distribution System

    Danwood Group-PI

  • 200245K

    Knowledge Management of Global Information Systems


  • 200245K

    Configuration Management of Global Information Systems